mercoledì 13 luglio 2016

The MHC Bearing Checker is a new, unique hand-held instrument, providing maintenance engineers with an easy to operate, simple to use and quick method of analysing bearing condition and lubrication state.

The MHC-Bearing Checker monitors high frequency Acoustic Emissions (AE) signals naturally generated by deterioration in rotating machinery. The unique way of detecting and processing these signals gives you condition-related information in the easiest possible form. It is a state-of-the-art Condition Monitoring instrument with extreme sensitivity to developing faults.

How does it work?
As the mechanical condition of machinery deteriorates, energy loss processes such as impacts, friction and crushing, generate sound wave activity that spans a broad range of frequencies.
By detecting only the high frequency part of this signal with special AE sensors, it is possible to detect miniscule amounts of activity (e.g. a slight rub, a brief impact or the crushing of a single particle in the lubricant). The
patented MHC sensor gives improved repeatability and is remarkably rugged.

A magnetic front face allows easy attachment to multiple machines.